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Just over 100 years ago the first black squirrel was recorded in the UK and we need your help to discover how far they have spread since that first sighting in Woburn, Bedfordshire, in 1912.
The Black Squirrel Project is part of a study being undertaken by Helen McRobie, Senior Lecturer within the Department of Life Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University, to gather data on the geographical range of the black squirrel within the UK.

Black squirrels originate from North America and are the same species as grey squirrels, the only difference being that they have a piece of DNA missing on a gene that produces pigment, meaning they can only produce black fur.

Within this site you can take part in the project by submitting your own squirrel sightings (grey, black or red) and also learn more about the history and genetics of the black squirrel.

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